Wild Ferns Mud for Men

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Wild Ferns Mud for Men - Rotorua Thermal Mud

The city of Rotorua is located in an extremely active thermal region of New Zealand, complete with performing geysers, boiling mud pools, smoking fumaroles, and hot water springs. An active boiling mud pool is a sight to behold, and it is from this mineral enriched phenomenon of nature that the thermal mud used in Parrs’ range of natural New Zealand skincare products is obtained. The thermal mud is first sterilized and then refined to remove any foreign matter such as traces of volcanic ash. It is then ready to be included in our Thermal Mud and Mud for Men skincare products.

The high sulphur content of Rotorua Thermal Mud is very active in killing bacteria on the skin and preventing or eliminating acne. Below are some further properties of Rotorua Thermal Mud:

Antiseptic: Destroys pathogenic agents without attacking adjacent healthy tissue.
Healing: Silica, Aluminum and Zinc are all essential to tissue regeneration and scar prevention.
Absorbing: Drains infections and absorbs excess fluid.
Sedative: Has a sedative affect on local pain.
Remineralising Equilibrium: Transmits necessary mineral salts to organisms for biological equilibrium.
Rebalancing System: Provides sufficient mineral salts to enhance the bodies’ natural immune system.

The thermal mud as used in our skincare products consists of a suspension of Rotorua Thermal Mud in mineral spa water. The contact that the mud has with volcanic gases and minerals from the centre of the earth is the reason that it is particularly rich in minerals. Ordinary clays and muds contain some minerals, but because of its volcanic origin, Rotorua Thermal Mud is far richer. Major minerals present in Rotorua Thermal Mud include Silica, Aluminum, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Titanium, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Sodium, and Potassium. Trace elements include Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Cobalt, Manganese, and Molybdenum.

Rotorua Thermal Mud is excellent for use in skin regeneration because the clays have a very strong affinity for moisture in the skin. Thermal Mud on drying will generate heat, increasing blood circulation and perspiration helping toxins and other wastes to be eliminated. The clay surfaces are highly active and will easily absorb excess oils and fatty secretions from within the skin’s pores.

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