Alex Perry Jewellery

Alex Perry is undoubtedly Australia's premier couturier, Alex Perry has added a new level of glamour to the Australian fashion 
industry with his breathtaking gowns. The designer 'du jour' for celebrity red carpet dressing and high society weddings, Alex Perry is in a league of his own.

From early on Alex and his label have carried a unique trademark signature: beautifully cut handcrafted pieces with quality finishes in the most luxurious fabrics.

Appearing first on the pages of Vogue Australia, it wasn't long before the personality behind the brand began to shine as brightly as his gowns and Alex soon emerged as Australia's most well-known fashion designer.

Appearing on Foxtel's ratings winner, Australia's Next Top Model, Alex is the only judge to have appeared in all seven consecutive seasons.

In 2011, Alex signed on as Design mentor for the Australian series of Project Runway with host, Megan Gale and has just finished filming his second season.

Today, Alex Perry debuts his first line of luxury jewellery in an exciting collaboration with Magnolia Silver Jewellery!

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